Massage Therapy…what is it? Its amazing!

Massage. I love it! I love having a treatment. I love seeing how relaxed and happy my clients feel after a treatment. I love the smell of the essential oils, the peace, quiet and tranquillity of the therapy room. I love being able to help my clients feel better- mentally, physically and emotionally. You think this sounds to good to be true?! Read on because massage really is amazing!

So what exactly is massage?

Tucker, L, (2009)  describes it as: ‘The manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, in particular, the massage-1017255_1920muscles’. Treatments can be relaxing, stimulating or part of a rehabilitation process depending on what you want to achieve from appointment with your therapist.

I am trained and qualified (ITEC) in holistic, full body massage which is commonly known as ‘Swedish Massage’. This is a classical form of massage created by Per Henrik Ling. He devised a system of movements which he found helpful for improving his health and maintaining his physical condition. Classical technique is still based on this system that he created and used and is commonly known to therapists as effleurage (to stroke), petrissage (to knead) and percussion (to shake/strike). These techniques each have their own uses and benefits and can therefore determine whether or not a massage is relaxing or stimulating on the body.

There has been much research into the benefits of receiving regular massage. Studies carried out have shown that it can help to improve back pain, neck pain and knee pain associated with osteoarthritis. Reduce the effects of depression and anxiety and help sufferers of fibromyalgia and that’s not all! Other benefits include:

• Improved skin tone and colour
• Better circulation throughout the body
• Boosts your immune system
• Encourages deeper, more efficient and more relaxed breathing
• Improves lymph drainage and reduces swelling
• Relieves stiff, sore and tired muscles
• Improves muscles suppleness
• Eases stiff joints
• Promotes relaxation
• Soothes the nervous system
• Stimulates all of the major systems in the body
• Encourages sleep
• Speeds up digestion and waste removal
• Relaxes the body helping to reduce tension caused by stress
• Relaxes the mind to help reduce anxiety
• Invigorating and stimulating massage can increase energy levels

See, i told you it was amazing! People often see massage as a ‘treat’ but more and more medical practitioners are beginning to realise and understand the many benefits of this holistic therapy in order to maintain good health and fitness. There are suggestions that massage should be received on a weekly basis in order to benefit the most from your treatments, this is not always possible and monthly appointments may be more affordable.

With so many amazing benefits why not book yourself in for a treatment today and start looking after yourself that little bit more!

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An Introductory Guide to Massage, Third Edition, Tucker.L, (2013), EMS Publishing.