The Importance of Self-Care. Take time for you.

This year I have made a promise to myself to look after myself better and do a bit more for me (self-care). Although I am healthy and happy all of my time goes into looking after my family and into growing and running my business. This leaves little free time for me to do things outside of these two areas, so something has to change.

As parents we often leave our needs until last, sometimes we even forget about them completely. We do not make time to do things for ourselves or give ourselves that precious bit of ‘me time’ that can mean so much and bring us back to the best version of ourselves. If we do allow a rare bit of ‘me time’ those pangs of guilt can start creeping in…STOP! The washing can wait another day, an email can be sent in a couple of hours and the kids WILL be fine with their dad/grandparents/aunty for a couple of hours!

Self-care can vary from looking after our basic needs such as food, water and sleep to taking time self-care-cupto exercise or condition our body, doing an activity that interests you, learning a new skill you have always wanted to try or just making time to care for yourself and be kind to yourself as you do for others around you. If we do not make time for this then we can become ill, depressed, loose our confidence, develop low self-esteem and loose our spark or passion for things and this can have a negative impact on other areas of our lives. It has been proven that people perform better in their job if they take regular breaks. If you unplug something, wait and plug it back in it will work again! We are the same, take a break from the normal and you will come back refreshed.

I had a good think about what I enjoy doing or what I would like to do that does not include my family or my business (both of which I love dearly!) and what would have to give in order to make time for myself (difficult decision). As I am currently growing a human I decided I would look into some classes to look after my health so have booked myself into a weekly prenatal Pilates class and an aquanatal class, both of which I am excited to start next week. It will give me a chance to maintain my health and fitness as my body continues to grow, stretch and change for this tiny little person inside of me. I know the benefits of having a regular massage are immense (it is my business after all!) so I have freed up a monthly slot to take myself off to an hour long, monthly, pregnancy massage which is great for my physical and emotional well-being. I have booked some great days out (yes WHOLE days…I know, crazy right?!) so am excited to hit Eden hall for a girly day, Harry Potter world as I have wanted to here for ages and an afternoon tea date with my other half, so my first few months are sorted!

Snatching smaller moments such as a child free coffee date, going for a walk in the park and taking in your surroundings, sitting in an empty house and making the most of peace and quiet, taking a power nap or dancing around the living room to your favourite album are all valid ideas for you to do on your own to just get that little bit of time to ‘unplug’ yourself before you have to switch back on again.

So, what are you waiting for? Me time is as valuable as the air that we breathe, what are you going to do to care for YOU?! Let me know in the comments below or send me a message, I would love to hear from you.

Hayley x

*If you would like to book a pregnancy massage, Swedish massage or Indian head massage and gain some peace, quiet, relaxation and a moment of self care please contact Hayley to book your appointment.