Motherhood and Me (M.a.M) Diaries #2 Angie

This weeks Motherhood and Me (M.a.M) Diaries features the wonderful Angie from Haphazardly Homegrown. Angie is a busy mum of 6 and home educator. Here she gives us a glimpse into a typical day balancing Motherhood and being a work at home mum. Thanks for getting involved Angie x

A day in the life of Angie Morgan (work at home mum, home educator)

6.30am Morning ritual although Erin has other ideas so I switch to audio book and write in my journal as bullet points whilst breastfeeding.

7.00 Girls get up, Katie gets ready independently whilst I get the girls breakfast and let Erin amuse herself with some banana and a handful of soaked cheerios (yay for baby led weaning!)

8.00 Dogs for a quick walk (not my day!) and I set the girls up with playdoh and watercolours at the kitchen table whilst I get everyone’s clothes ready and try to dress myself whilst amusing a 6 month old!

9.00 My son holds Erin as I get the girls sorted and pack a few easy snacks and a flask.

9.30 I breastfeed as I check my emails and publish this fortnights Mamaview via my website. Add a few to do’s in my planner and check my main tasks to complete today.

10.30 we head off for a homeschool meet at a local venue, catch up with some friends and have lunch all together on site.

2.00pm Arrive home, fuss dogs, Erin has fallen asleep in the car so I put a programme via YouTube for the girls (not always educational but today it’s Mouk so a bit of culture/traditions, geography and entertainment whilst I check my social media responses in my Facebook group and my private group mastermind for Mamas in case they need support, resources or just a ‘me too’ regarding working from home!

3.00pm We bundle back into the car with snack in hand and Erin having another feed and head to my mums, I am really lucky she lives so close and meet Katie after school there and have a cup of tea and a catch up and the girls get to play with nanny whilst I type content in my phone notes whilst holding my baby and sipping tea 😊

5.00pm Nanny has fed us well so no panic about dinner, I put on a one pan dish and boil some rice as I listen to my self development on audio book to fire me up for the evening! The girls play in the living room with their Dad and the dogs get fed, let out and everyone chips in!

6.00pm Netflix for the girls as I babywear Erin and do a little tidying (an ongoing battle! I will get help one day! Haha!) then prepare her for bed even though she doesn’t settle till around 8/8.30pm.

6.30pm. Run girls a bath and chat away as they splash and play then read a story and turn the lights low with an audio book in the background my teenage daughter takes over (AKA sits doing some revision as the girls drift off).

7.15pm. I check in to social media, let Erin play/roll around next to me as I jump online. I have an email series to finish up and some content for a Mama I am working with to grow her business online (working on engagement and visibility)

8pm I breastfeed then rock Erin to sleep,

8.40pm I make a cup of tea, eat some chocolate and read a little and chat to my teens.

9.15 I have a Zoom call regarding an event I am hosting (a motherhood support group)


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