This weeks Motherhood and Me (M.a.M) Diary features Claire. Claire is a wife, mummy to 3 boys and runs Sling Swing Lincoln, thanks for getting involved Claire! x

All You Need Is Love…Thankfully!

Three boys under 9 and one husband, this is my life!! And I love it….75% of the time! The other 25% it is HARD work!! Why do we not know (until it’s too late!) that staying at home with the kids is infinitely more stressful and exhausting that most regular jobs!? I know people tell you its hard work but you don’t really understand until you’re living it.

Every stage of parenthood has its challenges – from the newborn stage of total terror at the level of responsibility that you now have for this tiny human who you love more than you ever thought possible. Through the ‘ooh, they’re mobile’ stage where they are as quick and lightening and into everything; first words; toilet training and suddenly first day at school!! All the way up to the delightful phase I find myself in now of worrying about friendship groups, how much screen time is the right amount and sibling arguments ALL the time!

There are so many challenges and dramas to navigate but, of course, there are the glorious moments that make it all worthwhile (cliché but true!!). Achievements at school and one of the many clubs you end up ferrying them too! Watching them read a ‘proper’ book to themselves (or to you) independently just because they want to (David Walliams being a firm favourite in our house…after I made sure they’d read most of Roald Dahl’s books!!). And the real icing on the cake, when the youngest boy gets so excited when his big brothers get home from school and they’re happy to play games with him or help him get dressed and read him bed time stories. The ‘melt your heart’ moments that give you hope that despite all the, sometimes overwhelming, guilt that you are doing it all wrong, maybe you are doing ok!!

We made the possibly crazy decision to have another baby after quite a gap (middle son was almost 5 when the youngest arrived) because I wanted to experience the joy of being pregnant and the wonder of growing a human inside me with the older boys having some understanding and excitement about it too. And whilst it is so hard (he has been by far the worst for sleeping and still rarely sleeps through the night at 2.5yrs) and I have felt like I have lost my identity sometimes, those moments really do remind me of why I wanted children and that they are my greatest achievement.

So, it is hard work, there is no manual (how could there be when every child and every parent are different!) but ultimately, you love them and they love you. You’re muddling through life together as best you can with a little help from family, friends and quite a bit of ‘Googling’!!

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