Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a lovely, relaxing way to spend some special time with your gorgeous new baby. The list of benefits for baby massage is extensive for both the giver and receiver of the massage.

Benefits include:

  • reduced effects of colic
  • reduced effects of constipation
  • reduced effects of wind
  • reduced crying
  • improves symptoms of teething
  • reduced hyperactivity
  • improves relaxation
  • encourages longer sleep duration
  • stimulates all of the major systems of the body including: respiration, circulation and digestion
  • improves muscle tone and development
  • improves skin
  • creates a bond between the massage giver and the baby
  • can help mums suffering with post natal depression
  • makes you feel more confident in noticing and responding to your baby’s cues
  • makes you more confident in handling your baby


Baby massage 5 week course: £45

Baby & Me offer a 5 week baby massage course which will teach you to massage your baby safely and effectively. The cost of the course includes blankets and cushions to make the environment warm, soft and cosy, a ma

t for baby to lie on, a hooded towel to keep baby warm, pure, organic massage oil to use and take home, weekly handouts of the strokes learnt, sensory toys for babies to play with and refreshments.

Baby Massage with Baby & Me is suitable for babies from birth onwards. Classes are very relaxed and baby led and comforting, feeding and changing your baby is welcomed. The class allows time for you to get settled before starting the massage so you and baby are both calm and relaxed and can enjoy the massage strokes you are learning. The second part of the class is time for socialising with the other parents and babies over a cuppa. this gives you chance to ask questions, get to know one another and make friends for life.

Baby massage 1:1 sessions: £35 per 45 min session 


Tailored specifically to meet your baby’s needs. Options to learn the full body routine or target a specific problem baby is struggling with. Oil, handouts and refreshments included.

Baby Massage Cafe: £5

A catch up class for anybody who has completed the whole body massage routine in either a group class or 1:1 sessions. Recap the routine, socialise with friends and enjoy a cuppa.

Well baby workshop: £15

This workshop uses a combination of baby massage and accupressure to treat and relieve symptoms of common ailments such as colic, constipation and wind as well as teething and general wellness. Refreshments are also included.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure the each participant receives the support they need during each session. All classes are held at my wellbeing centre in Branston.

Unable to join us for a face to face class? No problem! Get in touch for how you can learn to massage your baby with Baby & Me online.

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