This weeks diary entry comes from Anna. Anna gives us an insight into a day in her life with 2 kids and numerous animals to look after! Thanks so much for getting involved Anna!

Lick lick lick

Lick lick lick. ‘Good morning mummy’. This has become my morning wake up call. The dog has come into my bedroom to let me know that the baby is awake… does that make me a bad parent for not realising the baby is awake first? For not having the monitor turned onto the highest volume like some would advise…  No I don’t think so. You see the baby seems quite content to babble away and play with her feet so why not enjoy 10 extra minutes in bed? I think the dog has realised too, that this way there is more attention coming her way…

After the normal early morning drama’s, like older child refusing to eat anything for breakfast,  younger child attempting to eat the dog food and the dog not wanting to go for a wee as its too cold, we attempt to go and see the other ‘children’ at the stables.

The car journey is fun in itself. We have a request to stop for a wee (standard procedure) and then a new one for me…. The little one hates socks. This isn’t the novelty, as she does her  utmost to remove them at any point in time, but normally she just holds them or tries to eat them. This time, she hands them to her sister (or gets them snatched, I’m not sure) and then has a meltdown because she wants them back. Only because she has dropped all her other toys and is now bored, not because she actually likes said socks. Meanwhile, I kindly ask the older child to return these b***ard socks, but oh  no…. she has recently learnt how to press the window down button, and you’ve guessed it.… the socks are a gonner.

We arrive at the stables and my ear drums are starting to bleed, but nothing new there. The smaller sockless child, has to be stuffed into the fur lined pram to a) keep warm and b) keep out the mud. I pray she will fall asleep soon.  Luckily, there is a wonderful elderly lady who loves taking the pram for a walk so I’m optimistic. During this time, older child has found a hoof pick and has decided this is the best toy ever. No need for an actual horse mind, just the hoof pick. For grouting between the cobbles. In January. Oh the joys.

Riding is the peaceful time of the day. Horse is not angelic by any stretch of the imagination, but preferable to some of the other scenario’s . This is my guilty pleasure (ok not so guilty) and my sacred ‘me’ time. Plus some exercise during the day is always a bonus.

The rest of the trip goes well, but soon it is time for lunch and hopefully another nap for the small child, so I can get some work done. On the days they are both at home, work gets side lined, but it would be nice to at least get a chance to reply to some emails in peace. Later in the day I take a call from a new client whilst watching Paw Patrol. The lady sounds a lot like Mayor Goodway, and now I don’t think I will be able to get the association out of my head. Speaking of mayor Goodway – why oh why does she carry a chicken in her handbag?

On that note, how do you convince a nearly 4 yr old to try new foods? Advice welcome, as currently the chicken (actually turkey but sshh!) has to be dinosaur shaped and the fish has to be fish shaped. It’s a hard one for me as I spend so much time giving nutritional advice, and then my child doesn’t want to know. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, its just ironic J

The dog is sick in the evening and doesn’t manage to make it outside. As I’m cleaning it up before bed, the only thing I can think about it, is how much I’m looking forward to my morning lick 😉


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