This weeks Motherhood and Me (M.a.M) Diary comes from Lowri who tells us about her birth experience of her baby being born prematurely at 28 weeks. Thank you for getting involved Lowri x

Iestyns Birth.

Sat on a beautiful beach in the Maldives, 26 weeks pregnant with my new husband by my side was bliss. I tried to ignore the pain in my stomach and back and for the first few days I did a pretty good job. As the week went on though the pain became worse and worse. Eventually I couldn’t sit, stand or lie. The only way I could get even the tiniest bit of relief was on all fours in the outdoor shower in out lovely beach hut, with my husband sat on a stool swatting bugs away with a rolled up towel. I stayed here pretty solidly for the last few days. When the honeymoon ended I knew I still had more than 24 hours of flying, on 3 different planes including a small sea plane before I could get home. I knew that if I didn’t get it together I would never be allowed to fly so at each airport check-in and boarding I had to act like a normal human and I couldn’t go back to rolling around in agony until we were safely in the air.

But somehow we made it back to our little flat in Manchester. It was only a few hours off the plane when my waters broke and break they did! My poor husband spent days scrubbing the delightful smell of amniotic fluid out of the carpets. As it turned out I had polyhydramnios, an excess of amniotic fluid.

At 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby I was not prepared for this both mentally and practically. In hospital I was given steroid injections to boost my little man’s lung function in case he did make an early appearance. The doctors decided to do a scan to see just how much fluid was left but it was at this point the sonographer noticed a black mass in my baby’s stomach. Not the words a pregnant woman wants to hear. As it turned out it was a ruptured kidney and an internal pool of urine.

I was in hospital for the next week being monitored closely until they decided I was stable enough to go home. Sat watching The Voice that evening I started getting pains in my stomach. They were coming and going so I wasn’t too concerned until I realised that those pains were actually contractions. I was taken back in to hospital where I spent a fretful night wondering what was going to happen to my little boy. At 28 weeks there was no guarantee he would survive and if he did would he have brain damage, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, we really had no idea. The next morning with the pain getting worse and me no longer able to keep it to myself I told one of the nurses which led to a flurry of activity and me being taken down to a huge delivery room. I had a number of midwives and doctors around me and another team on the other side of the room primed and ready with an incubator. After a short delivery my son came in to the world. The midwife held him up for the briefest of moments before whisking him away to the waiting team. The wait was terrifying. I wanted to look but at the same time I didn’t. Eventually we heard the beautiful sound we’d been waiting for. Then he was gone, off the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which was to be his home for the next few weeks before a short stay in the special care unit. 5 weeks and a day later he came home a month before his due date fully breastfed and truly amazing. Nearly 6 years on he is the picture of health, top of his class and other than having his bad kidney removed not a sign of his dramatic entrance. We know the statistics for babies born as premature as him and they are very scary. We know how lucky we are and will be eternally grateful for the care he received from everyone along the way.


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