Motherhood and Me (M.a.M) Diaries #4 Angeline

outdoorsy boys

This weeks Motherhood and Me (M.a.M Diaries) features Angeline, a mum to 2 outdoorsy boys and author of ‘How to Survive Working from Home with Preschool Children’.


Some people love the sound of rain. They find it relaxing, contemplative. The perfect weather for curling up with a cuppa and a book.

I don’t. I dread it. That, and snow, and ice, and gales, and freezing cold days, and scorching hot days. I’m one of those temperate people who need the perfect weather. Not too hot (that makes me grumpy), and not too cold (that makes me miserable). But I was blessed (possibly as part of some cosmic joke) with two boys that want, no, need, to get outside every single day, regardless of the weather.¬†Sometimes we go bug hunting, sometimes we splash in puddles, sometimes we collect autumn leaves. We’ve fed ducks in freezing fog, we’ve explored in pouring rain, and we’ve spotted aeroplanes in clear blue skies.

One particularly cold, damp day, we went on our very own bear hunt, inspired by the book by Michael Rosen. We walked through swishy swashy grass, squelched through mud, stumbled through trees, and while we never actually did find a bear, we all had great fun looking for one. So much fun that we even forgot to be cold. Well, almost.

Despite the weather factor, there are so many benefits to having outdoorsy children. Besides the obvious health and educational benefits, there is always something free to do. We’ve had picnics just about everywhere, and there’s always a play park to be either found or improvised.

I have several books filled with ideas to do outdoors, we’re members of the RSPB and get regular resources sent to us, and I follow a lot of Instagram accounts run by impossibly perfect mums.

Because I’m not a perfect mum. Sometimes I just let them out in the garden to burn off some energy. Sometimes I get ratty because all I want to do is snooze in the afternoon sunshine. Sometimes our trip out is just food shopping and they drive me insane.

But there’s always something to do, somewhere to explore, something to investigate. There’s that old cliche; ‘nature’s playground’, but it’s true. There’s no better place to play and learn.

And then, when we’re tired, or soaked through, or cold to our bones, we get to do my favourite bit: we come home. If we’re hot, we flake out in the dining room and eat ice lollies. If we’re wet, we change into our pyjamas and snuggle under a blanket, legs tangled together, and watch a movie. If we’re cold, we make hot chocolate and get snuggled under that blanket again with a pile of books to read together.

Yes, the best thing about raising two energetic, outdoorsy boys is that, once they’ve run out of energy, I get all the cuddles I want!

Angeline Trevena is an author and full-time mum to her 5yr old and almost 2yr old boys. Her book, How to Survive Working from Home with Preschool Children is available from Amazon. Click here to order.¬†You can learn more about her and all of her books on Angeline’s website here.

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