Motherhood and Me (M.a.M) Diaries #6 Katie-Ann

family of 5

This weeks Motherhood and Me (M.a.M) Diaries features Katie-Ann who is mummy bear to 3 boys under 3. She tells us of her experience of motherhood from her first pregnancy to becoming a mum of 3 under 3. Thanks for getting involved Katie x

Three Bears and Me

My journey to mummy bear started back in 2013 and what a shock it was. My husband and I were actually living with my parents, my husband had been made redundant from the Army, So to find our feet we moved in with my mum and dad. Three months later it was Christmas day, my mum made a comment about me not eating and the question was ‘are you pregnant?’. She was joking but then it hit me, am I pregnant?

So on boxing day I took the plunge and bought a test and that is where our journey began.

In a mad rush we bought a house and tried to get it ready for our new arrival. On the 13th September 2014, 9 days late, Jenson Bear was born.

Amazing! Everything was Amazing. I loved every minute. Jenson was a lovely content baby. We enjoyed our time together going to baby groups and meeting up with friends. Life was great! We enjoyed our first Christmas as a family but then…………. I’m PREGNANT again!!!!

Our 2nd baby was on his way, due October 2015.

To be honest I had a fabulous pregnancy, I still went to baby groups and was able to enjoy my time with Jenson.

Owen Bear arrived, 7 days late on the 29th October 2015. I had an amazing labour. I felt great and ready to take on the challenges that awaited me.

Jenson and Owen are 13 months apart. I found a routine and it worked. I even went back to work part time. We went to baby groups still and met up with friends a lot. This was it my family was complete. It felt amazing and we were so happy!

BUT (I’m sure you’ve guessed what I’m about to say) one morning I was sat at playgroup In my own little world watching the boys play and talking to my friend. I suddenly blurted out. I think I’m PREGNANT!

On the 19th March 2017, 4 days late, Connor Bear was born. Yes, I’ve had another baby! There’s 17 months between Connor and Owen.

So now I was faced with 3 under 3! Now this is where the fun began. I say fun it wasn’t fun at all. I actually didn’t have a clue what was going on. If I’m really honest the first probably 6 months are a total blur.

My life has completely changed this time round. I can’t return to work, however I didn’t even know what sort of career I wanted anyway. Now being a mummy I’ve found it! But things have changed now, the way I look at life and how I deal with things.

My house is always a mess!

Every mum can relate to this in some way I’m sure. But throw two toddlers into the mix with a baby well it’s like the biggest hurricane ever.

I was a tidy mum before, kitchen was always clean, dishwasher always emptied and I could never go to bed without everywhere being clean. I’m NOT that mum any more and it’s ok! Owen my now 2 year old is also the messiest child ever! Dirt literally just finds him. Having Owen really made me realise I can only do what I can Do!

Bath time is now a break!

I bath my boys every single evening and I love it! We all love it. It’s 30-40 mins of them being contained, in the same room and having fun. Towels soak up the splashes and we always have a good 30mins full of laughter.

Nappies everywhere!

At the beginning all three were in nappies and guess what all different sizes! Jenson is now toilet trained but I didn’t rush him. I let him go at his own pace and he’s done it. So now just two in nappies and yes it’s easier but no I won’t be rushing the other two out of nappies. I’ll wait like with Jenson for them to be fully ready and that’s ok.


They all seem to poo in sink! Three boys all poo at the same time! One of who has a milk intolerance and trust me it’s not normal! I’ve faced many battles with poo! Like when my now 10 month old had a poo explosion while in his jumperoo. Oh yes it was all over the floor! Well jumped in to!

Poo has taken over my Life!

Television and tablets are ok!

I’m not going to lie, I was very much against Tele and tablets before I had children. I wasn’t going to let them use them. Guess what, they do! The Tele is on children’s programmes all day!  I’m happier for it. They play with their toys and watch some tele. It gives me time to drink a hot drink or catch up on the cleaning.

Getting out the house!

I’m ALWAYS late! Getting three children out the house with the changing bags and pushchair in toe is hard! Then getting them in the carseats and making sure noone runs off! It’s a killer. A simple trip to the shops can take well over an hour. Unless you make a game of it! I now take my children’s trolleys and shopping baskets with me. They get to do the shopping, they love it we have fun and we are in our own little world. I would love to take them to soft play and playgroups but with two who would run off in different directions and a baby attached to me it’s difficult.

I’ve learnt to let things go!

I’ve had to learn to not run to every cry. I’ve learnt to choose my battles.

Three boys can not be perfect and happy all the time. As adults we have days where we aren’t in good moods. So why can’t children.  I used to follow my eldest around to make sure he wasn’t getting into things and making a huge mess. Now I’ve developed the attitude of if they aren’t  injuring themselves or others and as long as they’re occupied let it go. My eldest will spend hours on the kitchen floor with all my pans, he loves it. My middle child will play and play with all the toys we have for hours. They’re happy and having fun.

– The comments!

Now this is a big one for me, I used to let what everyone said really get to me. Now it doesn’t.

People said ‘She can’t cope, she isn’t coping well.’  Believe me having 3 children for any mum isn’t easy! 3 children aged 3 and under is incredibly difficult at times. Some days I even question myself as a mother. But do you know what I do cope! My children are happy and loved! That is all that matters. I get the cuddles and kisses everyday and our house is full of love.

Some days are just bad!!!!

I know we all have bad days!

I actually have a chair in the kitchen, it’s my take 5 chair!

The chair I go to when I need to leave the room and have 5 minutes to just regain myself! A cup of tea, a cry, just 5 minutes!

My boys do fight, scream and have meltdowns and sometimes I do just have to walk out the room and clear my head. I know my boys are in a safe environment so I can do that. Or there’s days where once they’re in bed, I get a bath and Just cry it all out. Once I’m out I remember tomorrow is a new day!

It’s ok to have a bad day, we are only human. We can only ever try our best. We work so hard as mum’s and take so much on. We are allowed to have bad days, it keeps up sane!

And finally

Make time for your partner!

I’ve been with my husband for 9 years and married for nearly 7. I was 20 when we got married and moved away to Catterick. It was just us for a good few years and our two dogs. Our life changed so quickly within 4 years and since having my last little bear I’ve realised that you really have to make time for your partner to. Not just for your partner’s sake but for yours to! It is so hard and I totally understand that. But my husband is my everything. He works so hard to look after us all. You and your partner created a family but you also need to take time for yourselves to!


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